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  • Adam Winstanley

    Adam Winstanley

    I am a positive future thinker. I love science, technology, manufacturing, Architecture and innovative creative endeavour that engages and inspires.

  • Mike Pole

    Mike Pole

    New Zealander, PhD (plant fossils), traveling the weyward path, just trying to figure out how the world works.

  • alvindavid1@hotmail.com


  • Kimberley Crofts

    Kimberley Crofts

    Strategic designer and researcher on a quest for sustainable futures through a PhD in participatory methods.

  • Neil S

    Neil S

  • Gavin Cheyne

    Gavin Cheyne

  • Philip Revell

    Philip Revell

  • Sandra Pallier

    Sandra Pallier

    Designer & co-organiser of ClimateAction.tech. Tiny handwriting, likes writing letters and doing dishes.

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